Tuesday, May 22, 2012

35 years, 35 weeks & 3.2 miles

On May 8th I turned 35 years old, the same week I hit the 35 week mark in my pregnancy. And though I'm now officially of "advanced maternal age", I feel better than I did when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Charlie four years ago. I'm not sure where the credit falls, maybe I just finally know who I am and am comfortable in my own skin. (as long as the varicose veins disappear after delivery!) That or perhaps the combination of running & yoga have made the weight gain a little more tolerable this pregnancy. I've vented about it to those I'm closest to, but as I near 37 weeks this Thursday I'm starting to realize I haven't done too badly this last time around.

The Geist 5K did a lot to reassure me that I haven't lost my drive to push myself & work up a good sweat. While I was a little teary watching my mom, aunt & cousin cross the start line for the half-marathon that morning, wishing I could go with them... in the end I was glad to only be doing 3.2 miles. I power walked my heart out & maintained a 14 minute mile, of which I'm pretty darn proud. When I run I can usually pull a 9-10 min mile, but this wasn't a running event for me. At least that's what my body kept trying to remind me. If you've ever run, or ever lost yourself in a challenging workout b/c the music on your iPod was so motivating & so good, you know what I mean. There are quite a few songs on my running mix that make me want to tap into every ounce of energy I have & open up on the race course. Mentally I was there on Saturday, but each time I tried to even jog my body reminded me that there were limits on this particular race day. I jogged a few times when the course took a downhill turn, but thankfully common sense won the day & I didn't put myself into labor at the finish line.

And now, after all is said & done, I'm going to give my body a break. I'll continue to walk until this sweet little girl arrives, but nothing intense. I have plenty of time & plenty of future race training ahead of me... but I will only be 9 months pregnant one last time.

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James Manhart said...

Good afternoon Mrs. Vanek. I happen to be working on my homework today and I received a message from LInked in asking me if I wanted to connect with Sean Mchose. So I said sure. then a window popped up that said "people you may know" and there you were. Needless to say I smiled at seeing you after 7 plus years of never knowing what happened in your life. I remember you telling me that one day you would terminate your position from the fox station and move to indy to be closer to your family... low and behold that is what your blog says you did. Congratulations. From what I could see you are following your dreams and they are a reality. Fantastic could not have happened to better family. Your kids are adorable and I could see a twinkle in all your eyes... I smile with pride for you. any way. Just wanted to pop in and send you a note... If you are a facebook person you can find me under James Manhart or my email is jmleo1969@yahoo.com.... again congrats and continued successs to you and your family.

"center your chi"