Monday, April 9, 2012

An update

Today we got some great news!

After a third ultrasound, measuring what felt like every tiny centimeter of the baby's brain, head, heart & body... my doctor told me the cysts are completely gone! Our little girl is thriving, growing & definitely stretching her strong little legs. She currently weighs an estimated 2 lbs & 9 oz. and is right on track for her due date.

And even though I seem to get kicked in the ribs on a daily basis, it still brings tears to my eyes to hear her fast little heartbeat. I exhale & absorb every little beat, so thankful it's hard to fully put into words.

You would think by your third pregnancy you wouldn't worry, but you do. You know more, you've heard more & sadly you've probably had more friends & family members with losses than you did with that first baby. Each one, it seems, comes with it's own little package of concerns. But to have the biggest one erased today takes the weight of the world off of my shoulders. I'm seasoned now; I can handle sleepless nights, ear infections, acid reflux... whatever this little one dishes out. To tackle the known is easy; to consider the unknown is paralyzing. Thankfully that big unknown is gone.