Friday, January 27, 2012

January Jinx

Our family has been jinxed this month. It didn't waste time starting either, beginning New Year's Day when Andy's Saab blew an engine spring during a quick trip to the grocery store. This began a succession of electronic & automotive failures. Our printer broke, our new garage door stopped working, our computer crashed, the van started making a horrible moaning sound every time you tried to turn the wheel, I was pushed off the road by a dump truck speeding around a corner causing an emergency trip to the local mechanic, a second engine issue followed by a flat tire on the Saab... etc. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

It seems as though we've been in a stretch of getting one thing fixed only to have another thing go that very day. It's easy to stay positive in the beginning & laugh it off as bad luck... but by the 3rd week or so of such events, the glass definitely seemed half empty.

Andy's car was probably the most concerning issue. Since Saab filed for bankruptcy last month, all of their assets have been frozen, i.e. parts. The first issue of the engine spring was fixed due to scrap pieces available. But the second issue, a vacuum hose, left our mechanic's hands tied. He's a friend of the family & urged us to get something newer. Something safe. Andy's job requires he be in places like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Charleston, Dayton, etc. possibly all in the same week. So having him drive a car that was questionable at best in terms of safety was not a good solution. Thankfully we've spent the past few years paying off the debt we created while working in television. This made getting a loan easy & quick. Probably the first time that's happened for us. (okay, so perhaps the entire month wasn't a jinx.)

We are now an all Honda family. Andy is in a safe, very nice car & I no longer wait for his call saying he's stranded somewhere in Pennsylvania.

So all of these issues, these everyday things that just kept breaking, seemed big.

But then something amazing happened. Way more amazing than getting a car loan.

We met our daughter.

Hearing her heartbeat, watching her yawn & seeing her move made all the crap that had been weighing us down seem like nothing. Through all of that stress & "figuring out" each broken thing, this little one was doing what life does best... continuing to move forward. With each kick she reminds me to keep things in perspective.

Funny how someone who is barely 21 weeks old in the womb can teach adults what's truly important. Thanks little one.

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Natalie said...

Aly- so happy to see you are a blogger....I am too! Can't wait to follow your posts, especially now with little one on her way...