Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fourth time's a charm...

I woke up craving oatmeal this morning. Something about a chilly, snowy morning made it sound even better today.

After serving the boys their requested breakfast of cereal, I started boiling the water for my oats.

Cue Charlie.
"mommy I have to go poo-poo!"

We race to the bathroom where we sit for about 10 minutes waiting for said poo-poo to arrive.


Suddenly I remember my water on the stove, now totally evaporated leaving behind an overcooked saucepan.

Second attempt.

My oatmeal is almost done when Charlie asks what I'm making. I tell him & he decides he'd rather have that for breakfast. So I scoop out the delicious smelling oatmeal, stir in some brown sugar & give it to Cha.

Third attempt.

Again, oatmeal is almost done. I add a little brown sugar & a bit of cinnamon when Jack notices Charlie's new breakfast item. Jack decides he would like oatmeal too. I once again scoop out the yummy oats & serve them to Jack.

Fourth attempt. (Even if I only mildly wanted oatmeal when this all started, I'm really craving it now!)

Water boils. Oats cook. so far so good...
I stir in brown sugar, cranberries & almonds.
I finally sit down to enjoy my breakfast, half looking over my shoulder for someone ready to take it away. By that time my kids were bored with the idea of oatmeal & had moved onto playing trains.

peace. quiet. oatmeal.

delicious oatmeal, I might add.

Now some of you may think I should have just started a bigger batch from the start.
Murphy's law of parenting: the most delicious food to a child is that which you are cooking for yourself.

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