Sunday, January 16, 2011


Charlie is a big boy.

He will not let you call him "baby", even if meant as a term of endearment. He has good reason to feel this way. In the month of December he did two amazing things: he dropped the binky in 2 days & potty-trained in a week. That last part bears repeating...
he potty-trained in A WEEK!

I feel like I've been shouting it from every mountain top I can find. Yes I think my child is a genius. This isn't meant to put down my friends who have older kids still happy as clams in diapers. It's more a celebration fueled by relief. He has mastered such a basic thing, all on his own. He got it. He's not my difficult child. Halle-freakin-lujah!

The relief surrounding this milestone is based on our experience with Jack. We started potty-training him just after his third birthday. I was home, he was old enough, preschool was just around the corner; it was time. Or so I thought. (perhaps even more so it's what everyone told me.) Age & readiness aren't always the same thing however, made very clear to us by how tough Jack was to potty-train. He had very few accidents at night, but on a good day he would have at least two while awake & playing. And that was just #1. Poop was so much more complicated, and honestly still is as he approaches 5 years old. I think we're finally learning that Jack doesn't notice the physical cues that he needs to poop. So with encouragement, a conscious effort not to yell & good reading material in the bathroom I think we've finally made some progress.

But you can see how this two year process with Jack had me dreading doing it with Charlie. If Jack, our resident people-pleaser, had such a hard time, what would our feisty child be like? Little did I know the level of determination Charlie possessed. He made up his mind that he wasn't going to wear diapers and made it happen. Simple as that.

So far, this is one of the most amazing parts of parenthood. When you think you have your child figured out & then they WOW you. The best part is, I know it won't be the last time this happens. They are such incredible, evolving little beings. How lucky we are to witness their lives as they unfold.

And while I bask in the ease of this milestone with him, I'm fully aware they may not all be so easy. That said, I think I'll have Andy teach him how to drive.

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Jill said...

I love that you wrote a blog about poop! You are a Schroeder in more than just name...!!!

Charlie is an amazing kid--Shawn and I were just remarking about how different he is from both Jack and Violet--and in such interesting ways.

It's a pleasure to watch both of your kids grow and, I agree, I can't wait to see what other surprises are in store!