Monday, August 30, 2010

Mommy is not a vixen

On my latest trip to Target, I ventured down the nail polish aisle. I was getting tired of my bright pink toes & was ready for something a bit more autumn. I scanned the dark-cranberry colors & grabbed one that looked good.

Fast-forward to Friday night. We had dinner plans with friends & I had cute sandals to wear... so newly painted toes were a must.

I don't think he noticed that night, but the next morning Jack asked me what I did to my toes. I looked down expecting to see a cut or bruise of some sort, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. "What do you mean?" I asked him. "Your toes mom, I don't like the color of them." It seems the new toe polish had gotten it's first veto. "You mean this color? You don't like the darker color?". "No" says Jack, "Why don't you paint them red or something".

As the mother of two little boys, this isn't a conversation I ever thought I'd have. Pointing out trains & big trucks on road trips, yes... but this was new territory. Though I admit, part of me loves that he noticed.

To be honest, the color is a bit dark for my taste too. Just funny that Jack brought it up first.

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Babs said...

That's hilarious! Did I see your toes yesterday? If so, Jack's much more observant than his Grammy is. Or else I just thought they looked nice (which I always do when it comes to you) and didn't register that it was a departure. Kudos to Jack for being so observant! Now we'll just have to work on a tiny bit of diplomacy! :D