Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh how they grow

Yesterday we celebrated our little moose's birthday. I always find myself spending the day thinking back to March 24, 2006 & remembering what I was doing at each point in the day. From tossing and turning the night before in the hospital bed, slowly laboring on my own... to having the call made at 6am to induce me as my blood pressure continued to sky rocket. (I've come to learn after having 2 babies that this is my body's way of saying "get out") By 8am, Andy had to work for an hour so my friend Nicole filled the chair by my bed. She brought me jolly ranchers, heaven at the time, and sat by my side as I drifted in and out of sleep. At 10:45am Andy was back & I was getting closer. The pushing began at 11am.

At 11:42 am, we became parents.
My world has never been the same. Who knew such a tiny little bundle of fingers, toes, fat rolls & bright blue eyes could make life so incredible?!?

Yesterday was his 4th birthday & it amazes me how much a tiny little human can grow & learn in just 48 months. And even though the past 4 years have had their challenges, I've become a better person as Jack's mom.

That feeling of thankfulness is why I love to make a big deal out of birthdays, which I think has led Jack to believe it's a holiday celebrated by everyone. (I mean, isn't it?) When someone wishes him a happy birthday, he's quick to wish them one right back. Last night, after a fun-filled day with friends at the Children's Museum followed by pizza & presents with our family, Jack thanked me for a good birthday. I leaned in to kiss him goodnight and said "happy birthday buddy".

"happy birthday to you too mom."


Corey said...

love little jack and what a wonderful little boy he has grown into... mostly because he has magnificent parents. xoxo

Babs said...

Jack knows it's YOUR birth day too! I think Jill knows the story of Bill's day on the day she was born by heart. He told it to her every year on her birthday. It's really unforgettable, isn't it?