Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Round Three

In March of 2007, just a few weeks shy of his first birthday, Jackson had a febrile seizure. It was the scariest night of my life. After a nasty virus knocked our little guy down for the day, we gave him a soothing bath & got him ready for bed. As we got him diapered and dressed, he pulled his little hands up near his cheeks, rolled his eyes back and started shaking. It took me a few seconds to process what was happening, why my child was now catatonic on the bed. Thankfully Andy flew into action and got us to the ER in under 5 minutes. Holding Jack's limp little body in my arms, sobbing, while the nurses raced around to find us a room is something I will never ever forget. I remember holding him tightly just in case it was one of the last times I would get to. How crazy is that? Once we got an exam room, a wonderful nurse put our minds at ease & explained what had happened to our little moose. After hours of X-rays, tests & waiting, we left knowing that a double-ear infection was the culprit behind the rapid fever spike, which in turn caused him to seize.

When it happened again in May 2008, we were still shaken enough to rush him to the ER. This time, I was about 7 months pregnant with Charlie. We once again learned a double ear-infection was the culprit. We were sent home with meds, a stuffed animal & a sleepy 2-year-old. I now brace myself every spring for a fever & seizure causing virus to return. Last year we avoided it; this year we did not.

This time it was Charlie.

He woke up crying at midnight with a fever of 100.2. His temperature wasn't too high, but since he had a bad case of the chills, I gave him some motrin. I stayed with him for a while, as he continued to shiver. After almost an hour, I decided to just pull him in bed with me. Thank god I did. At 1am he had a febrile seizure. Just like Jack's seizures, his eyes rolled back, he began shaking violently and then went into a catatonic state.When I took his temperature again, it was 104.8. It had risen that much in under an hour! It was awful. Even knowing what it was this time around failed to take away the fear.

And as luck would have it, Andy left on a business trip at 8pm last night. So even though I was 99% sure this was fever-related, being alone made it horribly scary. I called my SIL and she rushed over to our house. As I waited, I called both my mom & Andy, trying to figure out what to do. I kept thinking "not this kid... I already have one who has been through this... not this kid too". My head was full of questions that I didn't have when Jack did this. Do I go to the ER? How do I rush to the hospital with Jack sound asleep upstairs? Since I'd have to take him by myself, do I strap Cha's unconscious body into his carseat & go? What if he has another one while I'm driving?

We didn't end up going to the ER last night. After Jack's second seizure, the doctors in Evansville told us how to assess the situation so that we didn't have to rush to the hospital every time this happened. (since it was likely to happen again) So with my mom on the phone, now awake and worried in Cleveland, Jill and I put Charlie in the tub to a)cool him down & b)wake him up. As soon as he was undressed he was crying, which then led to him talking & coming back around. It took a while, but eventually he was snuggling on my lap, drinking juice and talking to his aunt Jilly.

We're dragging today.
I guess even having a seizure overnight isn't reason enough for Cha to miss his 7am wake up.


Corey said...

oh honey... I am so sorry you had to go through that again and alone this time. Thank goodness for Jill. I'm glad Cha is ok and you are too. I can only imagine how scary that is. xoxoxo hope you're still in jammies :)

Aly said...

I am :)
I'm drinking my third cup of coffee before heading to the shower. The pediatrician will probably appreciate a cleaner version of me.

Jill said...

I have to tell you, when I walked in the front door and saw you holding little Charlie, white as a ghost, I was scared. I'm so sorry your guys are prone to this because it is so unsettling. I hope Jack is through with them and this is the only one Cha ever sees.

Babs said...

You have really been through it with both boys! Seizures are so frightening, and to have to go through it without Andy is just beyond the pale! I hope Charlie enjoys his day with Mama today, and you both get some much needed R & R!