Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rolling the dice...

On Friday morning, Andy & I will head to the airport for our first trip away from the boys. In fact, it's our first weekend away together since becoming parents in 2006. While the excitement builds, I can't help but worry about leaving the boys, especially Charlie, for a few days.

In September we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. While it might not seem like a huge milestone, the fact that we still see our relationship as fresh & view ourselves as the lucky ones, is worth celebrating. (I know a lot of people who have had issues and even been divorced at this point.) So when my step-dad scored tickets to see U2 in Las Vegas, we jumped at the chance to go!

I know a lot of people wouldn't go. And I don't blame them. Leaving your kids for one day, let alone 3, is a lot. For Andy & I though, this time away is part of keeping "us" strong. Beyond the world of mommy & daddy. We get to enjoy dinner without food flying across the table & sleep without the worry that a teething 1-yr-old may wake us. And while we'll both miss the boys, having that time together is something you can't overlook. Our ability to connect with each other & feed that spark that brought us together is a key ingredient in our happy little family. The date nights we occasionally take do so much to refresh us, I can't wait to see what a whole weekend of grown-up time will do!

We are traveling with my mom & Ron, which presented the next challenge.... who will watch the boys? There are few people I trust to take on a full weekend. Andy's sister will be traveling, his brother starts a new job that Monday & his mom is pulling the Sunday shift. Plus, watching the two of them for 3 days will be a full time job in itself. Thankfully we still have a great relationship with our favorite baby sitter in Evansville. Keri & her fiance Frank will arrive Thursday night & are excited to spend time with the boys. On Sunday morning they will hand off the babysitting duties to Grammy. We return home Sunday afternoon.

I know I'll worry. I know I'll call... probably too often. But while Andy & I get to have a weekend away, Jack & Charlie get to have fun playing with Keri, Frank & Grammy. Thank god for the 3 of them. They might simply view themselves as babysitters, but it's so much more. They are giving Andy & I a much needed respit from every day life. They are helping us be better parents, by first & foremost, being good spouses.


quartermom said...

its so important to get that time and you will be refreshed like you said. That's what makes you come back and you are SUPER mommy after that time. How is the staying home going for you? I know that has to be so great but a huge transition. It was for me after starting a career first for only a year before I went home. I joined MOPS and that is just such a blessing for me. Well talk to you later Have a great trip!

Corey said...

a) blog looks awesome! that new pic is adorble
b) have a blast in vegas!
c) my mom always said "your dad comes first, you come second" and I think that's the reason they're still together.
Yay for couples weekend! love you!