Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The first step

Lately it seems the biggest thing in the Schroeder household is watching and waiting for Charlie to walk. It's going to happen any day now & is exciting when it seems we're on the brink of that first stride!

Charlie has, of course, limited interest in walking, as he is an expert crawler. This little guy can crawl faster than any baby I know! He can also man
euver a step, in the midst of a rapid crawl, as if it's second nature. Almost like the seamless flip-turn you see in swimming competitions.

He understands that walking will open new doors for him... ie, the door to the garage. (He loves to play with his big car, but I refuse to let him crawl around our garage floor.) But even that doesn't seem to fully motivate him. He's a man on his own time line, as he's proven many times before.

The other night he took 3 steps to Andy, but who can't resist the excitement of daddy coming home from work?!? In fact, most of the tiny steps he's taken have been in his father's direction. Charlie is quite a fan of his daddy!

So we wait... practice a few steps... but mostly dust the floor with tiny knees as the crawling continues. One day these boys will both be running circles around me. I'm sure when that day comes, I'll wish for a little guy on all fours, slowly dusting my floor.

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