Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Cha!

I can't believe our little Charlie turns one tomorrow!
Feels like it wasn't that long ago that I was making a montage for Jack's first birthday. The fun part about making Cha's video is that not only can you see how much he has grown over the past year, but you can really see how much Jack has changed too. God I love these boys-

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jeff said...

I've really enjoyed being able to watch Jackson and Charlie over the past year. They are so close in age to Andy and I that it's like looking into a time-capsule. With all the potential adventures they can have in your neighborhood, I wonder if they'll ever do some of the same stupid things that we did. Having a younger brother is a great way to experiment without risk to one's personal safety. You can find out how dangerous it is to ride down a rocky hill or hit potentially live ammunition with a hammer or even play with fireworks. The best thing is that the younger brother is a willing assistant and risk-taker.

It's been great to watch them grow. If Jack is anything like me, he'll embrace his little brother soon and the memories of toy-fighting will be long gone.