Friday, June 5, 2009

Watching them grow

As I was starting to make plans for Charlie's first birthday party, I remembered a montage I made when Jackson turned one. It was a gift to our parents as a thank you for their love & support through his first year. I remember it took quite a while to pull together, but once finished it was an incredible little glimpse into our Jack-filled world.

So as the pictures for Charlie's montage load, I thought I'd share Jack's video from 2007.
Hard to believe this little guy is starting preschool in September.


Jill said...

What on earth happened to that baby?? I have virtually no recollection of him looking like that. It is sad how fast these months whiz by...

Babs said...

Whew! Time has absolutely flown by. I know how trite that saying is, but when it comes to watching my grandkids grow, it certainly applies!
Thank goodness we have these precious records of them when they were little, or I feel certain we'd lose the memories, distracted as we become with the people they are today.