Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A day in the life of a working mom

I'll start by admitting that I wrote this blog about a month & a half ago. This is how long it took me to actually sit down & post it.

While sitting at dinner with friends a while back, someone asked me how I kept myself busy as a stay at home mom. I tried to explain the intricacies of balanced meals, good nap routines & maintaining the house for a day. Though I think they appreciated all I said, it still didn't come across as hectic & as exhausting as I know it to be. So for one day I carried around a note pad and documented my day. 5 pages later, I had a blog entry that totally captured our world at home while the rest of the world... works.

Tuesday- February 17th

1:30am wake up, feed Charlie

2:45 soothe screaming Charlie, think to self that it *must* be an ear infection

4:30 up with Charlie again, nurse him to soothe (& stop) the screaming.

mental note: call Drs. office in AM. I notice Andy is gone, as is his pillow - jack must have woken up

6:30 wake & soothe Charlie. I try to calculate amount of sleep I've actually gotten, but give up. I'm too tired.Andy comes back to bedroom, says Jack needed to snuggle/dig toes into someone's leg.Daddy was glad to be that person.

Lay Charlie between us & fall asleep thankful for a husband who is so good w/ kids.

8:14 wake up to Charlie poking his finger in my eye. He's happy, so I use the time to go to the bathroom. Greet a sleepy Andy who is getting in the shower.

8:20 Jack is up. He says he slept "great!". Seems to be in a good mood so we try the potty. Success! Day is instantly good.

8:30am nurse Charlie while Jack watches cartoons on our bed.

9:00 we officially start the day. Start coffee pot, let dog out & clean up dishes that I ignored last night. Andy gets cereal for he & Jack. It's yogurt & granola for me... my favorite breakfast & newest addiction.

9:20 Ask Jack to stop getting out snacks & close pantry door. He responds with a very loud "no!". Ugh- power struggle already? Repeat request. More resistance. After a few rounds I'm done negotiating.

9:25 Time out for Jack, for not listening. He doesn't really fight it, but is stubborn & won't give in. (gee- where does he get that?)

9:27 I need to shower before Andy leaves, so I leave him to deal with the time out issue.

9:30 Getting ready for shower - hear pantry doors close. Call downstairs thanking Jack. "you're welcome mom". One victory for the parents so far.

9:31 Call drs. office & get an appointment for Charlie at 3pm.

9:35- 10am Shower, dress & get ready for day

10:10 Andy's day gets hectic & he heads out the door to his appointment. I hope his day gets better as we watch him pull out of the driveway.

10:15 Jack joins me in Charlie's room as I put him down for a nap. We read a book. C is out, so Jack & I head downstairs.

10:20 Assess train table & possible tunnel building locations with Jack. Check email & facebook.

10:30 Tunnel time with Jack.

10:45 Hersh gets sick - clean up spot on carpet.

10:50 Check email re: junior league meeting on thursday. Worry about economy.
I notice a post by Jill on Facebook about wanting a cat. Offer Rockey.

11:25 Charlie is awake. Change both boys dipes & nurse C. Jack & I talk about counting & playgrounds.

11:50 Something stinks. It's Charlie. Crawl on all 4s to diaper bag while giving Jack a horsie ride.

12:00pm Play with boys in living room. Practice tummy time, sitting & rolling with Charlie.

12:15 Time to start lunch. Cut up fruit for Jack. Turkey sammich is his request.

12:30 Plumber calls. Water heater is leaking & home warranty company set up a service call. He is short on the phone. i'm not impressed. He'll be here in 10 minutes. Dash upstairs to put on jeans.

12:40 Sit with Jack as he finishes eating. he is practicing saying "pleased to meet you" for some reason. what a polite boy!

12:50 Plumber arrives. He is very nice & professional. Must not be very good over the phone.

1:00 Discuss water-heater tank options. Decide this guy is ok. He has 3 boys & a girl. Asks if we'll try for a girl. I say maybe in a few years (secretly threatening my ovaries if
they even try to prove that timeline wrong) Plumber says he has a sister with 5 kids -
first 4 are boys. yikes!

1:10 Fill out b-day cards to be mailed today. 3 are late, one is not. Oh well.
Swear cha-cha just said "ma-ma". maybe not.

1:15 Notice new dog vomit spot, this time on new rug. Comes up easily - but still stinks. Hope Hersh isn't turning into an old dog. Jack discovers a new phrase while I clean, "Aly Schroeder, what *are* you doing?".

1:30 Time to clean up & get ready to leave. Appointment is at 3pm - must leave by 2 to get to office 10 min. early. We'll see how we do. Top off Charlie with a quick nurse.

1:40 Take boys upstairs. Quickly make bed, change 2 dipes & dress boys.
Put favorite outfit on Charlie - it's the little things, right?

1:55 Ready to go! wait... Notice 2 more dog vomit spots on entry rug. Clean to the tune of loud requests for apple juice.

2:10 Apple juice request taken care of - vomit cleaned up. Off we go...

2:35 Pull into office lot w/ 2 sleeping boys. Realize my gas light is on & decide to roll to gas station while boys nap. We're early anyway, which never happens!

3:00 Appt. with Dr. Gollnick confirms Charlie's ear infection. She prescribes something stronger than amoxicillan this time as infection is in same ear. Good news from visit- C now weighs 16.5 lbs!!

3:40 Leave office - head to Walgreens. "Talk" story about Yahootie the Owl to Jack, twice.

3:50 Drop prescription off at Walgreens. Need to burn 15 min... hmmm... off to car wash. Jack oohs & ahhs as we go through the wash, Charlie sleeps. I'm glad he's sleeping b/c he needs the rest. I think about Andy & hope his day is getting better.

4:00 pick up prescription at Walgreens and cringe at the cost.

4:35 back home again! Get settled in, hang up coats & nurse Charlie while Jack plays trains.

5:00 notice voicemail on house phone. Call Babs & learn that my niece Violet
crawled today!

6:00pm Deep in thought while Cha & Jack play. Check email again. Google ovarian cysts. wonder if that's the sharp pain I've been feeling.

6:20 Build another train tunnel. Glad to have a toddler to help take my mind off of things. Charlie is rubbing his eyes & needs to snuggle. I put him in the Baby Bjorn & bounce around the family room. Jack comes out of the playroom & starts bouncing with us. We look like some sort of parade...

6:40 C is out. start thinking about dinner.

6:50pm Andy calls & is on his way home. When he gets home we'll tackle dinner, baths & bedtimes together.

I'm beat, it's been a long day. Had I not written everything down I would tell you that simply running to the doctor's office with Charlie was the reason. Now, as I look at five sheets of paper, I see that every minute of the day was busy with not only physical, but mental activity. Funny how I ended up proving my point to myself too.

After writing this, I saw a story on The Today Show that listed the fig
ured income for a stay at home mom to be 122K. I'm so glad it was a six-figure number! While the money would be nice, I have to think that what I do day in and day out goes beyond measure. As busy & as crazy as it can get on a given day, when I lay down at night I feel lucky. I know one day I'll be back at work wondering how this time slipped away. Hopefully the boys will remember at least some of these times we have shared early in their busy little lives.

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Babs said...

Your gift of yourself to your family is beyond financial measure. Lucky for Andy, who couldn't afford to pay you anyway! (wink, wink!)
I remember those working days myself. Some actually did seem easy, but most were absolutely brimming with busy-ness. Frankly it didn't stop (or seem to even slow down) when the kids started school, until Jill was in first grade. And even then, my only "down" time was when they were in school--what's that? Seven hours? I liked to have dinner at least in mind if not begun by the time they got home...it may be considered a luxury these days, but the ability of a parent to be at home full time with a child is a precious gift, and Jack & Cha will always be richer for it!