Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The reality of having kids...

With the arrival of our second healthy little boy, Charlie, I've been thinking a lot about how much having kids really does change your life. While the changes can sometimes be drastic, like no longer going to work each day, the reality of having kids is becoming one of my favorite discoveries.

I've been pondering this quite a bit, often at night as I feed Charlie. Here's what I've learned:

The reality of having kids means not getting the quiet time to yourself that you once had and cherished.
It means after multiple diaper changes, feedings & laundry, mom may not get a shower until nearly 1pm.
It means it'll sometimes take you 45 minutes to get out the door, only to turn around because the binky is still sitting on the counter.
And once you do get out & about, you often find yourself the center of attention in a store should one of them decide to melt down in tears.

The reality of having kids means you will hear, at least once a day from a perfect stranger, "my, my you have your hands full".
You will also answer the question "mommy, how you doing?" or the request for more apple juice a dozen times a day.

The reality of kids means trips to the library sometimes followed by emergency trips to Target to buy more diapers (or clothing if the previous diaper was explosive).
It means giving up the meal in front of you because your toddler finds it more appealing than his own.
It also means watching him eat that meal, thankful that he's getting something other than chicken nuggets in his diet that day.
It means you suddenly become 3rd in your life, but surprisingly it doesn't bother you one bit.

It keeps you up at night listening to the sound of them breathing.
Keeps you praying that the world will become a better place as they grow.

The reality of having kids also means magic can happen at any moment.

Their eyes sparkle at the mere mention of their favorite toy or animal at the zoo.
Or they suddenly realize their tiny 3 month old hand is not only a part of them, but one they can control and move. (this is an amazing discovery!)
It's hearing them whisper "I wud you" through a stuffy nose as they fall asleep.
It's walking in the playroom and hearing your toddler softly sing the alphabet song to himself, getting it *almost* right.
It's also seeing your toddler comfort his baby brother with a hug when you need just 2 more seconds to finish what you're doing.

The reality of having kids means you celebrate moments you never found exciting before.
It amazes you just how good your day can be when it starts with a toddler using the big boy potty.
And it melts your heart as your youngest discovers his voice, even if he startles himself each time he speaks.

The reality of having kids means you don't get to check email or update your family blog as much as you'd like. One day tough, they won't need me as much as they do now. While it'll free up plenty of time for writing, I'm enjoying each day knowing how precious this time, this reality, truly is.


The McManii said...

OK, well now I'm in tears. You hit the nail on the head, sweetie. And you said it all so eloquently. You know me, I'm horrible with words. Thank you for verbalizing what I can't (even to myself.) Love you!

sarahbrownlee7 said...

beautifully written, aly.
life isn't easy, but it sure is good. :o)
love you guys.

Jill said...

The reality of having kids is so different from what I imagined it to be and so much better!

Babs said...

You Schroeders sure are a photogenic family! Love the new picture of the family!