Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wake-up Call

It's 5:41am, and I'm up.
Why? Not because Charlie is here yet and ready to be fed. Not because Jack is teething and having a hard time sleeping. Nope, my dog *has* to poop these days at the crack of dawn. While somewhat annoying, I couldn't imagine having to wake someone to let me go to the bathroom, only to be told to go lay down for another 2 hours.

Hersh is now snoring on the kitchen floor while I sit up wondering what to do. Part of me says to curl up and catch some more sleep, while another part of me wants to relish these quiet mornings while they still exist.

By Monday morning at this time we will be at the hospital checking in to have Charlie.
Because of my history of high blood pressure, with Jack 2 yrs. ago and again these past few weeks, my doctor still wants to induce me. The plan is to go in at 5:30am on Monday when they will start pitocin and kick-start full labor.

My appointment yesterday with Dr. Riley went beautifully. My blood pressure is down to a more normal level, and I've finally started to dilate. I'm almost to 2cm, which is finally a move toward labor.

I was really worried about induction when there was no progress other than my high blood pressure. To hear I was 2cm yesterday means my body is starting. That makes induction for this blood pressure issue seem better to me, mainly because Charlie is actually a bit ready himself. Plus, this is now the exact set-up I had with Jackson. I was dilated to 3cm when they induced him and it went beautifully. Here's hoping that happens again!

So two more mornings before life takes another huge turn.
Perhaps I'll sit here and enjoy the peace.


Jill said...

See, Hershey's need for a b.m. gave you time to reflect. I am certain things will go perfectly and you'll be snuggling a beautiful new son on Monday and nursing him like a pro!!

Babs said...

I'm with Jill, Aly. You are a natural Mom, and all will go perfectly this time, I have no doubt. Jack was a great introduction to parenting, so Charlie will reap the benefits of all that experience.
I can't wait to see him myself!
I love you!