Friday, July 4, 2008

Charlie's arrival

Wow. 14 days.
And that's if he makes it to his due date.

I think I'm finally ready for him to arrive. There has been a ton of stuff going on with houses,jobs,etc.... but I'm at a place now where I feel like his arrival will be celebrated and embraced even in the midst of a move.

After my crazy appointment last week, my doctor wants to consider inducing Charlie around the 14th/15th. We've made the appointment with the agreement that if my body is fine and I have not shown any signs of progressing toward labor, we'll cancel it. She said it'd be good to "be in the books" just in case my blood pressure shoots way up again, like it did with Jack.

I'm hoping he's ready by the 14th, but am torn about what to do if he is not. Well, that's not entirely true, I'm not torn, I'll just be disappointed to put it off. I don't want to induce him if he's not ready. If I'm dilated, effaced, contracting and have rising BP I will feel ok about an induction. I guess because it went well with Jackson *and* my body was showing signs of being done. If we get to the appt. next week and there's no progress, I really feel a check-up prior to induction is called for. And then if that still goes on with no change, we need to let Charlie come on his own.

I'd be disappointed simply because of convenience.
I'd rather he not come the same week we move because I want to, at the very least, focus on him for at least a week before the craziness begins.
BUT... what is a week, really, if it means allowing him to come when he's ready vs. forcing it?

My OB is going to do a membrane stretch at my next appt. in hopes of kick starting things naturally. Andy & I have also been trying to move it along on our own too. (lol- there has been very little protest from Andy on this approach!)

It's funny to think about it so much, as I know I have little control over it right now. I'm really hoping that I progress in the next 5-6 days and get to meet this kiddo in 2 weeks.


Babs said...

I think July 14th is flag day...a fitting day for the birth of a little boy whose star-studded nursery awaits him here in Indianapolis!
Hang in there, Aly! Que sera, sera at this point. Babies really do come when they're ready (and their Mommies' bodies too!) As you say, there's not much to do now but wait. We'll all rejoice in his birth, regardless of when it happens.
I love you!

Jill said...

Holy Crap!! I don't know how you are keeping it together! I know that you're not taking any sort of anti-anxiety meds, but you sure are staying cool, calm, and collected. Everything will be great. We're so excited!

The McManii said...

Hang in there Aly! You're so close. And I'm sure you'll hear that you've been progressing at your next appt.

You totally inspire me with your grace & calm during such a stressful time. Many hugs & love!