Friday, June 6, 2008

House for sale

Today our realtor, John, put the For Sale sign in the yard.
It's official... we really are moving.

It's incredibly exciting and yet a little sad all at once. While on one hand we have this wonderful adventure ahead of us, there is also a goodbye that takes place. It's funny how quickly your issues with a place fade when that sign pushes into the grass. I complain about the barky dogs to the north and our messy neighbor to the south... but at the end of the day, this is the home that took care of us for the first 2 years of Jack's life. There are so many fond memories wrapped up in it's walls.

It's been the gathering spot for family visits, birthday parties and Christmas shin-digs. It's literally been our shelter from the storm as well as the place that makes you sigh with happiness when you've been away on a long weekend.

I've walked around this house twice now, huge with pregnancy. Only Jackson will have known it as home though, and I question how much he'll really remember it. Most likely, it'll be that picture we often show him while saying "we lived here when you were a baby". He'll humor us, but in the end, I imagine it'll hold little significance to him.

A friend of mine told me the other day, your house never looks as good as the day you sell it. Boy was she right! This place sparkles like it's never sparkled before. Projects that had been tossed to the side have been completed and cleaning beyond anything we've done before has been finished.

When we purchased the house it was filled w/ tacky wallpaper, blue paint on every bit of woodwork and matching royal blue carpet as far as the eye could see. Now, filled w/ new carpet, fresh hardwood floors and painted walls... it feels like a completely different place. One of these days I need to pull together our
before and after photos. The transition really is amazing. Granted, it took us 3 years to accomplish, but it's an amazing one nonetheless.

And now we sit and wait.
Wait for someone to pick up our gem and make it their own.
Please God, let them stay away from blue carpeting.

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Jill said...

Sounds like you may be saying goodbye sooner than you thought. We're keeping our fingers crossed.