Thursday, May 1, 2008

The joy of pogie bait

I grew up in a very cavity conscience house. My mom and step-dad both had their own dental practices and were equally vigilant on the amount of sugar that went into my mouth and body. I always thought I found sneaky ways to satisfy my sugar fix, (buying candy from the ice cream man instead of a popsicle, hiding candy under my pillow at night), but my parents were on to me.

There was one place though where my supply seemed endless. At my grandparent's house I could indulge to my heart's content without having to hide the sweets I was enjoying. My grandpa called it "pogie bait". I'm not sure even to this day if I was the "pogie" being baited, or what a pogie was, but I never questioned the name. Hearing those words meant candy, candy and more candy! It didn't hurt that I was oldest grandchild by 4 years, giving me little competition for this fabulous treat.

The bait ranged depending on the season. Sometimes it was a box of chocolates, others it was every Jelly Belly flavor you could imagine.

Pogie bait wasn't my grandpa's only trick, though in my opinion it was his best. Through the years he's shared it with the other grand kids, and now even his great-grandson, my own son Jack. I feel privileged though to have been the first.

The memory of being his first "pogie" came rushing back on Monday with great emotion. We had a scare as my grandpa was taken to the Cleveland Clinic for a possible heart attack. After a myriad of health issues this past year, our worry increases each time a problem arises. This visit, every level of various monitored things seemed to be out of whack. For the first time, I was afraid we may lose this great man. Hearing my mom's voice shake and knowing tears were rolling down her cheek as she talked to me on Monday made my heart ache.

Thankfully after a few days in the hospital, he is doing much better and is ready to come home. All I can do is thank God. I was not ready to say goodbye to this great man. We have so much candy left to enjoy....


Laura Moss said...

Hi guys, I was so excited that your mom told me about your blog site. I am glad to see that everyone is doing well and Aly I agree with you about your grandfather being a very special man. I have known him from my days (long ago) at St. Mary's school and I feel honored that I get to have the experience to once again enjoy his company. Take care and enjoy all those sunny days outside with Jack.
Love, Laura Moss

Jill said...

I've only met your Grandpa a few times but it was evident to me what a great man he is--just what I imagine a Grandpa should be! We'll keep him in our thoughts.

Babs said...

Oh honey, I can't believe that this is the first I've known about your grandpa's recent scare! I'm so sorry I haven't known til now.
Your grandpa is so special. I enjoy the whole family, but your grandpa is obviously the loving glue who has created the diverse and loving bunch.
My favorite of your family's traditions is the blessing cup. I was so very touched the first time Andy told me about it, and then to be a part of the group at Jack's baptism and to see how that simple but eloquent tradition drew us all into the circle of love shared by your family and centered on Grandpa Ray and Grandma took my breath away.
I will keep him in my heart, and pray that life is kind to him and to all of you. I love you, honey!