Sunday, April 13, 2008

"thinking bee"

Bee Movie is Jack's most recent favorite of our current dvd collection.
It's such a hit in fact, that Andy, myself, Emmy and Grammy have all watched it quite a few times. It's cute, funny & has a really good message.

In the movie, when the bees try to rally their support around the main character, a large group of them chant "thinking bee, thinking bee". (I think they actually do a Rockettes type kick along with it too.) This phrase is Jack's new inspiration whenever he is trying to do something that he hasn't *quite* mastered. The best example is his daily attempt at nap time to carry every Thomas train he owns upstairs with him, while insisting he needs no help from mom.

Last week he was slowly struggling through this climb with 4 engines and a cargo car. I stood at the top of the stairs and started the "thinking bee" chant from the movie. (minus the kick of course) His face lit up and he chanted along as he began to climb faster and faster.

This afternoon while he and I were playing I asked him if we should move to a different house and live closer to our family in Indy. He smiled at me and said "inking bee". (His "th" sounds don't quite come through clearly yet.)

So thanks to the inspiration of a 2-year old, I have adopted this mantra as well. Tomorrow morning, as Andy & I hand in our intent to extend our tv contracts for 30 days along with our letters of resignation for May, I will be thinking bee.

thanks kiddo.

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Babs said...

Yep, Aly's being a Tigger, not an Eyeore. Just like Randy Pausch inspired us to be!
As if you needed any more drama in your lives right now...but wait! Maybe drama is exactly what we need. Gotta focus on something. Might as well be "inking bee!"
I love you!