Friday, April 18, 2008

Shake, rattle and roll

I think we've really shaken up our lives quite a bit lately. This morning however, it literally began to do so. A 5.2 earthquake, centered about 35 miles NW of Evansville woke most of our region today at 4:35 am.

I was sitting at my desk working on my 7-day outlook for the morning show. Initially I heard the quake. It began as a deep rumble, which honestly sounded like the building's heating/air system struggling to kick on. Then the building began to move. The studio lights banged together, my computer shook and my co-workers started yelling for me to go to a safer place.

We all stepped outside, a little shocked at what just occurred. There are train tracks that run right behind the news station, which led us to believe, for a moment, a massive derailment was to blame. When we got back inside, the phone lines were lighting up like a Christmas tree. Scared, confused and extremely sleepy viewers were all calling to say the same thing, "did you feel that?".

Andy was one of those callers. He said he was getting ready to come in since we were short a reporter on this particular morning. Rarely do we get to work together these days, and I admit I was excited at the rush this breaking news event had created.

Here is a clip of Andy's first live shot from a liquor store:

I mostly anchored today as earthquake coverage was our only topic through the entire 3 hour newscast. It was fun to be able to toss to Andy, live in the field. He's so good at what he does, I was proud
my show got to feature his reports.

Some of you may wonder, as you see both of us on-air, where is Jack? I believe at that moment he was in the newsroom, rearranging the items on various reporter's desks. He had a crew of people to play with and the excitement of so many phones ringing at once kept him well entertained.

The best part of the day was our reward as we left for home.
My boss had enlisted someone to stop at the local Donut Bank, bringing yet another round of donuts into our week. Yum.

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Babs said...

Yeah, I guess the quake was another reminder that there's a whole lotta shakin goin on in all of our lives. Just like the earth has to shake to it's core sometimes to make an adjustment, so do we! Interesting parallel. You Schroeders are a great team. I cannot wait to be with you on a regular basis, after the shake-up.
I wonder if we'll also have to weather some aftershocks...I don't think I'll count them out. Wouldn't be prudent...not at this juncture! Ha ha!
Hugs & kisses!