Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pregnancy, round two

With all of the job craziness lately, I forget sometimes that we have another life change on the way in July. Not that Charlie lets me forget for long, but the pregnancy has become so easy and enjoyable lately, it gives me time to finally focus on everything else around me.

I had my 26-week check up yesterday and all is well. My doctor found the heartbeat right away, which is always reassuring. I'm also measuring right on time, keeping our due date around July 22nd. Since this is my second pregnancy, I'm paying closer attention to my weight. It's still fun to eat whatever I want, but with all we have coming up this summer, it seems gaining massive amounts of weight this last trimester might not be a good idea.

In my last pregnancy, I refused to look at the scale. I decided at the very beginning to enjoy the 9 months of eating without the guilt of knowing my actual weight. The nurses at my OB's office probably thought I was a tad high maintenance, but they were great about telling me when to look away to avoid seeing the numbers on the digital scale. They would let me know if I was staying on track, but that was the extent of our conversation. It wasn't until my very last appointment, 24 hours before Jack arrived, that the number mistakenly slipped out of the nurse's mouth and I learned the price tag of the donuts I'd eaten every Saturday for nine months.

Feeling more secure this time around, I've watched the number climb slowly each month. Not knowing if this was good or bad compared to last time, I became curious to know how I was doing. I asked the nurse if she could look up my weight from last time. By the end of the appointment she told me I was 6 pounds lighter compared to this same point in my pregnancy with Jack. This great news of weight gain triumph sent me to the only place worthy of such celebration.

The ladies at our local Donut Bank were happy to see me and asked the question I long to hear all week. "Will it be the usual for you today, Aly?". Ahh, victory really does taste sweet.


Babs said...

A wise and prudent woman knows when she's earned a donut!

Jill said...

Good for you on a "healthy" weight gain. All I can say is that this morning when I tried to pull on my white capris, I was silently chanting--"'inking bee!" They fit--but barely!