Saturday, April 12, 2008

The "options" game

Andy came home on Thursday night w/ a sealed envelope given to him by our boss.
We opened it and in it were 3 options.

Option 1: minimal raises (and I mean minimal) with a 13 month extension on our contracts
Option 2: one month extension w/ contracts remaining exactly as they are now. we'd have to submit our letter of resignation upon re-signing that deal. We would be out as of 5/30/08
Option 3: no deal. we submit letters of resignation and are out 4/24/08

After talking it over, we are going to take option #2.
This gives us an additional month of healthcare on the company's dime, gets our co-workers through ratings without losing us (mainly Ron, our chief), and gives us that much longer to figure out the move to Indy.
I think it's pretty safe to say we're on our way!!

Our realtor, John, is coming over next week to help us focus on what projects we need to do for the house to be marketable. Andy's mom also happens to be talented at staging homes so that it appeals to buyers. She'll be down to help us rearrange things once I master the task of de-cluttering.

I've told my closest friends here that we're leaving, and it's been harder than I thought. They are, after all, my only reason I would want to stay. Of course, even though I love them dearly, it just isn't reason enough. My friend Nicole, who sat next to me for 2 hours sneaking me Jolly Ranchers the morning Jack was born, asked me where I'd be when the new baby arrived. I suppose we'll be in Indy at that point, but certainly the timing is up to baby Charlie.

It's hard to describe the mixed emotions on his arrival. These friends were such a key part in making Jack's arrival a great experience, that I want them to be close by. Part of me wants to have him here in Evansville because I know the hospital, I know the nurses and my doctor is amazing. But after delivering, I want to be in Indy around family. I know I can't have both, but thankfully it's not entirely within my control. So I have to let that one go for now.

As for my girls, I will miss our evenings out, lunches and playdates together, as well as having them so close by. But they are people who have no problem traveling and have kiddos who would love the Children's Museum. So hopefully we'll have some pull in getting them up to Indy.


Jill said...

If Nicole can't make it in time, I know where to find Jolly Ranchers!!

Babs said...

Ah yes, now the tough task of facing the friends you'll leave behind begins. Actually, I know you both well enough to know that your friendships aren't bound at all by geography, although I certainly do know that closeness to friends just makes it easier.

Don't forget, you will have new and old friends in your home here in Indy. Neither of you has trouble finding friends! And also, you have family (and the occasional Grammy babysitter) to allow you to see friends sans little guys while Grammy, Jack & Charlie party down! (Oh, goodness, the thought makes me tingle!)

At noon today, Jill and I met Jeff & Stephanie for breakfast at the Original Pancake House. It was great fun--we ran into Stephanie's youngest brother and her Mom, and her brother kept coming to steal food from Jeff & Steph--teenaged bottomless pit. The only thing that would've made it MORE fun is having the Andy Schroeder family there! I can't wait!

Nicole said...

You absolutely can have both! Remember, I have driven every possible route to Indianapolis on numerous occasions. I even know which way is the fastest at any given time of departure. So, at the first contraction I can be on the road with the emergency contraband!! If only we had an interstate. Maybe I should work on that... or maybe I should leave more time for trips to Indy :)